Fun Facts About Roofs

Eenigenburg Exteriors | May 18, 2022

The roofs above our heads that protect us from the weather are sometimes overlooked structures in our homes. They perform feats we would never think twice about or consider. Roofers are trained in everything from installation to maintenance to inspections. Here are some fun facts about roofs that you may not have known.

You’re Better Off Maintaining Your Roof Than Replacing It

A total roof replacement will set you back financially more than a routine inspection would. Annual inspection during your worst storm season may be your best bet. This can be a great way to identify whether your roof is holding up against the weight of snow, letting air out or in, or at risk of water damage. When selling a home, a roof that has been maintained to last over the years may be more valuable than a brand new one that was necessary after roof negligence in your home. Roofing companies will work with you and communicate the status of your roof after an inspection, which is a far more preventative measure than waiting until the damage is already done.

The Best Type of Roof For Your Home Depends on Where You Live

If you live in the southwest, chances are you’ll be recommended a roof with clay shingles. Heavily influenced by Spanish culture, these rounded or flat shingles can last over a century. Asphalt shingles are the nation’s most popular material of choice by roofing contractors because they are the most affordable. Asphalt, though, has a shorter lifespan than metal roofs. According to Roofing Calculator, metal roofs made of aluminum or steel can last over 50 years, and those of copper and zinc may last over 100. Metal roofs are the best defense against heavy, wet snow in the north. They are also fireproof, waterproof, and deflect lightning strikes from your home.

Roof contractors will work with you, listen to your concerns and wishes, and communicate their discoveries after inspecting your roof. Inspections are the best choice you can make to prevent your roof from allowing water damage or loss of heat from your home. If you haven’t taken action with your roof yet, talk to our roofers today!