Here’s Why You Need Annual Roof Inspections

Eenigenburg Exteriors | Aug 4, 2023

Your roof is a major part of your home’s structure. Regardless of how durable and strong it may seem, it has to withstand the elements. Because of this, it may be subject to some damage over the years, especially if you live in an area with extreme weather. That’s why you should call a local roofing company to do regular inspections. Even if your roof appears fine, here are key reasons to always stay on top of your annual inspections.

Replace or Repair

You can’t expect your roof to last forever. According to Forbes, your roofing shingles can go as long as 30 years before it’s time to replace them. If you’ve had your roof for a few decades, an annual inspection can let you know whether it’s time for a replacement or if you can still wait a few more years. Additionally, a roofing company will be able to assess the roof to give you an estimate of how many years it has left. Their assessment will help you decide whether you need a completely new roof or if you can get by with just a few simple repairs.

Stop Problems From Escalating

If your annual inspection catches a few cracks or small holes in your roof, a roofing company can quickly repair it before it turns into a larger issue. However, if you don’t do your annual inspections, those little vulnerabilities can turn into big problems that may lead to something much more costly and dangerous, like a leak that damages your foundation. If moisture deeply sets in on your roof, it may cause the wood to rot, and you can go from needing a few minor repairs to having to replace the entire roof.

Help With Energy Efficiency

In addition to water leaks, your roof can be a major culprit when it comes to air leaks. The problem with air leaks is they can cost you a lot of money due to poor insulation. Regardless of how great your HVAC system is, your heated or cooled air will escape from your roof when there are cracks or vulnerabilities. As a result, you may be more likely to turn your heat or AC up as high as possible just to feel comfortable inside your home. You wouldn’t have to do that if you didn’t have insulation problems that are heightened by your roof. A local roofing company can check for those vulnerabilities that waste energy, fix them, and decrease your related bills.

Stay in Compliance

You want to ensure that your home meets your regular safety codes. Keeping your roof up to code is vital for both your and your family’s protection. Having annual inspections also ensures you stay in compliance with the regulations of your roofing insurance. Safety compliance matters in case you sell your home in the future. Before you sell your home to someone, your property will have to pass an inspection. If a future sale is on the horizon, it’s best to know what you need to fix early on during your annual roof inspection, as opposed to going in blind to a home sale inspection.

Maintain Curb Appeal

Those annual inspections help go a long way in keeping up the aesthetics of your roof. When your roof looks good and strong, it heavily adds to your curb appeal points. After all, curb appeal showcases just how beautiful your property looks from the outside. It can increase your overall property value and make potential home buyers more interested in seeing the rest of your home. The more easily you can attract potential buyers, the sooner you can sell your property!

Be a responsible homeowner and keep up with your annual inspections. Maintaining your roof comes with a lot of responsibility, but it’s worth making the effort to ensure you and your family are safe. Those inspections help check for minor issues before they become big ones. Local roofing inspectors can help you save on energy costs and make sure your home is in safety compliance. If you need a local roofing company you can trust to do those inspections for you, give our team at Eenigenburg Exteriors a call today. We can’t wait to hear from you!