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Aerial view of large home with new roof on beautiful property.


Eenigenburg Exteriors provides a wide range of roofing options that enhance your home’s curb appeal and durability. As storm specialists, we ensure your roof is thoroughly inspected during the roofing process to prevent…

Aerial view of large home with new roof on beautiful property.


Your homes siding is one of the most important parts of the build. We offer quality siding services for replacements or repairs with great pricing. When you need a reputable siding contractor in St John, IN, don't hesitate to call our team.

Corner of house with new gray metal tile roof and rain gutter. Metallic Guttering System, Guttering and Drainage Pipe Exterior


Elevate your home’s functionality and style with our expert gutter services. At Eenigenburg Exteriors, we specialize in providing top-quality gutter solutions, ensuring efficient water management and enhanced curb appeal for your property.


Replacement Windows & Doors

When it comes to replacing windows and doors, you want a team that understands the ins and outs to avoid any future issues. Let us help you out today.


Hail Damage Chalk

Storm Damage

We understand the stress and disruption that storm damage can cause to your home. That's why we specialize in comprehensive storm damage services designed to restore your property swiftly and effectively.


Roof Repair

Repairs & Maintenance

We specialize in efficient and reliable repairs and ongoing maintenance to ensure your home’s exterior remains strong and attractive year-round. Whether you need an experienced roofing or siding contractor in Schererville, IN, we're the team for you.

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We believe that financial constraints shouldn't prevent you from making necessary home improvements. We offer a variety of flexible financing options to help you manage the costs of your roofing, siding, and exterior projects.

Discover Your Financing Solutions Now!

For projects of any size, we ensure comprehensive financing solutions. We accept credit card payments and are pleased to offer additional financing options. For more details and to explore the best financing plan for your project, please contact us directly. Let us assist you in making your project a reality.