Replacement Windows & Doors

Windows and doors are two of the most important features of your home. They provide protection and insulation, and they are essential aspects of any home’s design.

Installing new windows can make all the difference when it comes to your home. With today’s new energy-saving features, the right windows can make your home more comfortable and less prone to temperature extremes. Not only that, but your home’s windows are a key factor in its style and design. When you install new windows, you can refresh an outdated-looking house, and beautify your living space, both inside and out.


Updating your doors can be just as important as new windows. Having brand new, well-fitted doors can help reduce energy costs the same way that new windows can. With new doors, you can also greatly improve the curbside appeal of your home. A beautiful front door can become the focal point of your house’s exterior design. Updating your doors affects not only energy costs and home-design, but also safety. With today’s new technologies, you can help keep yourself and your family much safer.

Having the right types of windows and doors can completely transform an outdated-looking home, save energy-costs, and most importantly, keep you safe. Call on Eenigenburg Exteriors today to provide your home with the quality products and workmanship it deserves.


We can help make sure your project, any size, is fully financed. We accept credit cards and we now offer financing, please contact us for more information.